Group Project "Hillbilly Reunion"

This group project is open to members of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazines Message Board. It is a project that will result in a scene(s) composed of wood carvings by members of the Message Board.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who's Carvin What!

A review of the WCI Message Board posts under "Group Project" resulted in the following members listing what they will carve:

jmischel: one or two goats
Dan S: couple of kids playing on a hollow log
gtech: hillbilly harmonica player
breezly: cow
Soggy: dog and six pups
brushpilecarvings: a few animals
Midnight Carver: two jugs
happyhal: wash tub and wash board
sccarnes: Shannon as a hillbilly
LBlake: rooster and sleeping dog
urawyo: standing adult male
Jim Arnold: adult male laying down
Slowmover: hounds running/treeing a coon
LMiller: hand pumped waterspout, bath tub, shovel, broom, barrel, bucket
Dileon: ladt with blackbird pie
fpace: outhouse
chuckbolton: cow
Claude: puppy barking at skunk
Tom Ellis: banjo player
Gene Messer: Hill woman chopping wood


  1. Sounds like things are shaping up nicely. I can't wait to see sccarnes version of hillbilly Shannon..........:-)

  2. I would like to carve a couple of hounds running and treeing the coon. Will try my hand at a human in action, but not sure what yet, will update on that as it develops.

    SlowMover (Kent)

  3. Tom: I'm going to try a puppy barking at a skunk that is "locked and loaded".


  4. Tom H, put me down for a man playing a banjo.

    Tom Ellis

  5. I guess I missed something...are we just supposed to come up with something? I could do a still and a guy doing something thereabouts. Would that work for you?

  6. I have another for you, Tom. This one is the "bad boy". He's holding a slingshot behind his back and his hand in front is pointing at another child. Perhaps someone else can show an irate man/woman with an angry expression, rubbing back of his/her head, and glaring at the children...