Group Project "Hillbilly Reunion"

This group project is open to members of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazines Message Board. It is a project that will result in a scene(s) composed of wood carvings by members of the Message Board.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Preliminary Timeline

Just a few more weeks until we take a serious look at the carvings received for the "Hillbilly Reunion" scene. The main purpose of this "look-see" will be to determine two things:

1. Type and size of scene/display needed to support the carvings,
2. Additional carvings to request,
3. Background panels to be designed and carved.

The quality of the carvings received so far is outstanding. We have received carvings from very experienced carvers and beginners alike. Whether the carving is a banjo player or a moon shine jug; both are exceptional. This display will represent the talents of all members of the WCI Forum.

PRELIMINARY TIME LINE (first go round)

1. Carvings received (end of April 2010)
2. Carvings cataloged (photo + description, carver), (2nd week May)
3. Photos and sizes sent to Goody and Thomp (2nd week May)
4. Received carvings studied to determine scene specs and additional carvings necessary. (3rd week May)
5. Request specific, additional carvings (3rd week May)
6. Scene and display structures determined and planned.
7. Background panels planned and begin to carve.
8. Scene and display structures built.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Up Date!

These are the carvings that we have so far. As I receive the carvings I'll just add the carvers name and a description of the carving(s).

Jug Blower - Jeff Bailey
Cow - Mike Sullivan (Breezly)
Lady Wood Splitter - Gene Messer
Banjo Player - Tom Ellis
Dog plus 6 pups - Wayne Smith (Soggy)
Standing Man - Herb Johnson
2 Cats - Brian Rickman
Pump, bath tub, wash board, bucket, cracker barrel, shovels, broom, rake, wash tub - L. Miller
Boy with slingshot, dog and skunk - Claude Freaner
Harmonica player _ Gilles Caron
Rooster - LBlake
Moon Shine Jugs, Yard Flamingos - Eric Oswandel (Midnight Carver)
Jail Bird Out! Girl on Log, Log with Boy in it, Barrel - Dan Slater
Two Dogs - Kent Wilkins (Slowmover)
Carved Outhouse - F. Pace
Mule, 2 wheel cart + girl driving the cart - Sam Carnes
Laying down, sleepin hillbilly with jug - Jim Arnold
Girl with pie, Gal with shotgun, guy with fishing pole - Dileon
Beer tree with raccoons & boy stuck in tree - Kris Brown
Moonshine jug on tree stump - Stephen Wood (Trout Bum)
"Cow-waw-sockie" - Earl Benton
Girl in red sweater (Sue Ann) - Fred Krafton (
Old truck - Robert Cahill
Pigs head, turkeys, platters - Sam Carnes
Moonshine jugs, flamingos - Eric Oswandel
Pies, cake, cookies - Steve Nordboig (Ripton)

This posting is more of an information post for the carvers who sent a carving, to let them know it arrived. And speaking of carvings, they are absolutely first rate. We will all be proud to have been a part of this group project. Remember, we're shooting for the end of April to have the carvings sent in. Scene/display design and construction will begin the first part of May.