Group Project "Hillbilly Reunion"

This group project is open to members of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazines Message Board. It is a project that will result in a scene(s) composed of wood carvings by members of the Message Board.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Road Trip!

It's time! Time to get the maps out, the van dusted off, and the gas tank filled. I'll be driving the Hillbilly Reunion carvings and farm house to Goody's this week. Got my map out, checked it; then checked with Goody. Goody said it was a straight shot and should not be hard to do. Just follow I 70 from Ohio to Maryland, get on I 695, get off at exit 12A to Southwestern blvd, to Route 1, then 3 more in town turns and I'm at his shop. Sounds purty simple to me. Then why did I check out MAPQUEST? MAPQUEST says it takes 27 different turns and exits, etc. What a joke! I'll just follow Goody's directions. I suspect it'll take around 7 1/2 hours. It's about 450 miles.


  1. Have made the Trip many times by motorcycle and its a nice straight ride. Except the surprize Thunderstorms on I70. Have a safe trip. Can't wait to meet another fellow carver and see the reunion pieces. This will be another big step to finishing this phase.

  2. Thanks for taking the trip! 7 1/2 hours one way!?! I am humbled by your dedication. I presumed you were neighbors...

    Thanks for the contribution you are making in taking the trip! Can I help offset some of the gas money?