Group Project "Hillbilly Reunion"

This group project is open to members of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazines Message Board. It is a project that will result in a scene(s) composed of wood carvings by members of the Message Board.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hillbilly Reunion -Hand-off Completed!

Yep! That's Goody. And I can report that the hand off of the Hillbilly Reunion farm house and carvings has been a complete success.
Goody will now integrate what we have into the planned display for WCI. And if there are any out there who do not know Goody, I can assure you that the project is in excellent hands. In fact I stood at Goody's shop with Goody and Anna, and was in complete awe. Seldom have I been privileged to meet such a talented team of crafts folk. Goody's genius with all things mechanical, may be surpassed by Anna's painting. And I have not even mentioned the Carved Santa's, that are Goody's trademark. I must truly come up with an excuse for another road trip; with more time to sit and do some serious whittlin.

I am still receiving some carvings, and look forward to receiving them. These carvings will be forwarded to Goody. As we move towards completion of this project we will identify the need for some additional, and specific carvings that will enhance what we already have.....Keep checking the blog.....

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