Group Project "Hillbilly Reunion"

This group project is open to members of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazines Message Board. It is a project that will result in a scene(s) composed of wood carvings by members of the Message Board.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Back Panels for the Scene

Those who have followed this project on the WoodCarving Illustrated (WCI) message board may recall that member,Ron Davidson is carving the background panels for the Hillbilly Reunion scene. As you can see from the photos of some of Ron's work, he is an exceptional wood carver. Ron lost his eye sight seven years ago. These two photos are examples of Ron's exceptional talent.

Ron, and his carving, has been featured in numerous news articles, WCI, MSN, and Reuters.
Ron will use specially designed templates that are being made by "Ashby" (West Virginia Wood Arts) from the WCI Message Board. The back panel will be carved in Spanish Cedar.
Keep checking back, for more progress reports.

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