Group Project "Hillbilly Reunion"

This group project is open to members of the Woodcarving Illustrated magazines Message Board. It is a project that will result in a scene(s) composed of wood carvings by members of the Message Board.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Group Project Description

As promised, here is a general description of this group project, and some specifications.

THEME: "Hillbilly Reunion" A scene composed of carved objects by existing members of the Wood Carving Illustrated, magazine's Message Board.

SIZE: The items to be carved and constructed will involve a 1:14 ratio. That puts a 6 foot man at 5 1/8th inches tall carved. This ratio has been established as an average size that carvers on the board are used to carving (not too small, and not too large).

It should be noted that the final scene and structures will be determined and based on the finished carvings received. In this regard, we may find ourselves doing several scenes. We'll have to wait and see.

It is our intention to let the participants select an item(s) to carve with the understanding/goal of having them select an item(s) that is within their carving skill level. To help achieve this we have grouped the possible objects to be carved/constructed into three skill levels.

I. Beginner II. Intermediate III. Experienced


Adult Males: Skill level II or III
Standing (3)
Sitting (3)
Leaning (2)
Laying down (1)
Running (1)
Playing banjo (1)
Playing fiddle (1)
Playing guitar (1)

Adult females: Skill level II or III
Standing (3)
Sitting (3)
Carrying trays (2)
Carrying pitchers (1)

Kids: Skill level II or III
Standing (2)
Sitting (3)
Running (3)
Swinging on tire swing (1)

Pig standing (1) II
Pig laying down (1) II
Baby pigs (lots) II
Cow (1) II or III
Horse (1) II or III
Chickens (4) II
Dogs standing (3) II or III
Dogs laying down (2) II or III
Dogs treeing raccoon (2) II or III
Dog peeing on mans leg (1) II or III
Raccoon in tree (1) I or II
Possum (1) I or II
Cats (3) I or II
Goat (2) I or II

Equipt & Misc. Skill level I
Wash tub and wash board
Clothes line with clothes
Firewood pile

Misc. Skill level II
Old pickup truck
Old car
Picnic table
Porch chairs
Porch rockers

Use your imagination when you carve the males,females, kids, and animals. Add humor to them. Have them doing something. You can carve a hillbilly leaning against a porch post while doing something else. If in doubt, read dileon's posts on the message board.

These are also but suggestions, come up with some of your own, just remember the ratio.

Also Thomp will be posting some general sketches of hillbilly's in various poses, as well as some dogs.

We don't want the final assembled scene to look like "cookie cutter" patterns, a static scene with no movement, nor all one carving style. Just as there's "talent in them there hills", there's talent among this list of carvers. There's humor out there too.

The above description may change in some of the detail, as we move forward; but should remain essentially the same.

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